Ginger Green Pasture Grass

GINGER GREEN PASTURE SEED - Green Feeding for your animals all year round.

  1. Ginger green Pasture grass was developed for farm animal fodder.
  2. It is grown and harvested in South Africa (Cape Town) using organic techniques.
  3. Frost resistant and Drought tolerant
  4. Grows in sun and shade
  5. Can be planted all year round and stays green all year round
  6. Easy to maintain and it thickens every 2 weeks (each blade of grass multiplies)
  7. Enitially it is fine grass but becomes broader with time.
  8. It grows in poor soil condition (will require more firtilizer to get it established quicker)


GingerGreen Pasture Grass Nutritional facts –

 ü Pasture nutrition crude protein 25%

ü Digestible Dry Matter 75%

ü neutral detergent fibre 60%

ü metabolisable energy / kg 12

ü Palatability is 84%

ü Sugar 15%

ü Calcium 1%

ü Potassium 0,5%

ü Calcium to potassium ratio is 2:1

Dry Matter Yield
Yield is 10-18 tons per hectare - depending on management.
* Nitrogen application rate to follow
Milk Gains
Up to 27kg per day
Soil Guideline
Phosphorus 20 to 30 ppm
Sulphate 15 ppm
Potassium 250 ppm

Additional information     

  1. Stands needs to be well established at the hight of ± 30cm before gazing or harvesting.  This process will take approximaly 2 months.  (Different soils need to be tested by you yourself making sure the roots are establised for example sandy conditions.
  2. 1st  year = 8 – 12 cattle per hectare / 2nd year up to 20 cattle per hectare
  3. Attent to the Maintenance and aftercare program for the recovery period.